Introducing 1847 Club

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Connecting with tradition

Our Inspiration

In 1847, Yung Wing crossed the Pacific Ocean to embark on his journey as the first Chinese student to seek an education in the United States. This journey led him to ultimately make history as the first Asian to ever graduate from Yale University.

One hundred seventy years later, close to four-hundred thousand Chinese students are studying in American campuses stretching from the Hawaiian Islands to the Pacific coast of California to the Atlantic seashores of the Carolinas. What drives this tidal wave of Chinese students in America is the thirst for knowledge and the hunger to explore the world.

Who we are

Our Story

At 1847 Club, we are so inspired by the passion of generations of Chinese students in America that we decided to name our organization after the year when this great and enduring journey first started.

Our team of professionals at 1847 Club are beneficiaries of an American education; we are believers in the opportunities that an American education provides. We founded 1847 Club to help more students to realize the dream shared by all Chinese students wishing to study in America.